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Register To Be a FF Here!

Welcome Frequent Flightliners!

Welcome Frequent Flightliner! We are thrilled to have you join our Flightlinez family here at Bootleg Canyon. As a valued member in our program, you will be eligible for various rewards. Outlined below, you'll find a breakdown of loyalty levels and benefits.

tortoise image

Desert Tortoise Rewards: 1-3 flights

Immediately upon joining our program you will be enrolled at the Desert Tortoise Level. Much like the tortoise, you have proven that not only can you handle the desert terrain, but that you feel at home in it. You are comfortable hiking our mountains and zipping down our lines. You are protected by your shell of confidence as you face the mighty Flightlinez. Reward: 20% off any regularly priced tour.

roadrunner image

Road Runner Rewards: 4-6 flights

After your fourth flight, you will graduate to the Road Runner Level. Much like the road runner, you cherish speed. In fact it's all you know and want to know. You feverishly pace up to our launch platforms, and can't wait to clip in. You crave the thrill of the Flightlinez, and challenge them to fly you even faster over the rocky terrain with every run. Reward: 25% off any regularly priced tour.

bighorn image

Big Horn Rewards: 7 or more paid flights

After seven flights, you will graduate to the pinnacle of our Frequent Flightliner Program, the Big Horn Level! Much like the mighty ram, you fear no heights. You are sure-footed and confident as you traverse the rocky, desert landscape. You are a true master of the mountain and of the Flightlinez. Just as the big horns get a thrill from bashing horns with one another, you get a strange thrill when crashing into the speed arrestors. You are a majestic master of the mountain.

Reward: 30% off any regularly priced tour.

Bonus: 7th flight is FREE

Also Enjoy Frequent Flightliner Entourage Perks!

Bring 3, you'll fly for free!

Bring 7, you'll fly for free...

AND your group gets exclusive frequent-flyer-only group rates!

Bring 11 or more, you'll fly for free...

AND your group gets even deeper discounted frequent-flyer-only group rates!