Can I Bring my Camera

You are welcome to bring a camera with you as long as it has a strap (wrist or neck). You are NOT allowed to take pictures while in flight for safety reasons, however if you have a means to be “hands-free” you are welcome to take pictures/video during the flight. We DO NOT allow Selfie Sticks while you are flying down the zipline.

Is there any training involved?

Our trained instructors will give you a lesson on top of our takeoff tower of how to sit and most safely travel down the line.

What should I Wear?

We are able to accommodate skirts, flip flops (they go in a fly bag), and if they’re wearing sunglasses we recommend a neck strap.

Does an adult need to accompany their kids if they are under 18?

YES. We require someone over the age of 18 to accompany ANYONE 17 or younger. If you cannot sign the waiver for yourself you MUST be accompanied by an adult / gaurdian.

Why do you have a weight limit?

It is NOT for the ziplines themselves. The lines can hold the weight of a semi truck. The weight restriction is in effect because of our independent braking system. Right now the brake boxes we have developed can only handle up to a certain weight. If a guest weighed over our weight limit and decided NOT to follow our very important directions or the wind is causing a tail wind, the guest could get seriously injured. Therefore our insurance company does NOT allow anyone over 250 pounds.

Safety Counts

Has anyone died?

We would not be open.

Will I fall out of my harness?

The harnesses are designed to be used on our system with our equipment. You cannot fall out of them if you follow all the instructions you are provided in the safety class prior to your tour. You are NOT allowed to flip upside down or twist around in your harness for your safety. Trying to invert yourself is not allowed and will not happen without effort from you (the guest).

Do I have to hand on the whole time?

No you do not. The harness is very supportive and comfortable. Our operators will go over when you are to release your hold and where you are to be holding during the safety speech.